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What I do

Mastering to me is simple, really. I want to make your music sound as good as it possibly can. Find what’s alive in your tracks, and create a unique mastering sound especially for that. All with amazing gear and a keen ear. That’s the Jerboa Mastering promise.

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How I work

I master in a highly creative style, choosing different op-amps, transformers and tubes to balance a song for a more organic and true sound. This is very time-consuming, but a genuinely premium mastering service. And it gets the best results. Because every track deserves a mastering colour that fits perfectly.

The genres I master

I love mastering music in many genres, from the very popular to the most extreme. It keeps me focused, alive, and far away from routines. Every day is different, and so is the music. Searching for the soul and the authenticity of a song, and uplifting it to create the biggest possible impact, is incredibly fulfilling. Every song, whatever the genre, projects a lot of the artist’s personality, and needs to be treated with the utmost respect. Always. Because it’s all about expression, and a genre is the artist’s chosen language.

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The studio

The mastering gear I use at Jerboa Mastering is carefully selected, and a lot of it is vintage and unique. Each machine has its own sweet spot, and they work wonders when chained perfectly. That’s why I build custom set-ups for each record. So your music sounds as good as it should.

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Some people I work with

Thijs Van der Klugt
Thijs Van der Klugt

Thijs Van der Klugt

Mastered by Frederik Dejongh at Jerboa Mastering
Nicholas Rombouts

Nicolas Rombouts

Mastered by Frederik Dejongh at Jerboa Mastering
Simon Akkermans

Simon Akkermans

There are many people out there I absolutely love working with. This is a small selection of those producers and mixing engineers that drop by very often. The more we work together, the more natural the flow becomes. Some like it dark, some like it fresh. Some want it intimate, others want it aggressive. Understanding and respecting individual expectations is priority number one. What we all have in common is the quest for the highest possible standards, and never giving up until we’re all happy and proud of the work we’ve done.


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Jerboa Mastering is an Apple Digital Masters (formerly MFiT) approved mastering facility

Jerboa Mastering is an Apple Digital Masters (ADM – formerly Masterd For iTunes, MFiT) approved mastering facility