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Frederik Dejongh aka Jerboa strives for perfection. He aims to take each song to its highest level, making the best possible use of all elements within the track to create a tailor-made audio mastering sound that fits your music like a glove. All of this is done at his own mastering studio with carefully selected unique gear.

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How I work

“I’m striving for perfection in everything I do, and mastering is the ultimate in audio.  I prefer to embrace the mix with a color that fits the track just perfectly.  Instead of reaching for an EQ to adjust frequencies, I like to combine different op-amps, transformers and tubes to do the same thing in a much more pleasing way.  I guess you could call it the New York style of mastering.  This way of creative mastering takes more time than the classic approach: it’s a premium mastering service.  The time is right for this type of mastering in Belgium and Europe.  We all like the master sound from overseas, but we don’t have the budget to fly there for every session.”

The studio

All the gear used at Jerboa Mastering is carefully selected. Some of these devices are useless on their own, but priceless in combination with other ones. All the (vintage) transformers react to the load of the next and previous boxes in line, they all have their sweet spot and their do’s and don’ts. All gear is used in certain combinations, a certain manner and a certain order: this works wonders, and makes Frederik Dejongh reach the goals he envisions.



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