The mastering gear I use at Jerboa Mastering is carefully selected, and a lot of it is vintage and unique. Each machine has its own sweet spot, and they work wonders when chained perfectly. That’s why I build custom set-ups for each record. So your music sounds as good as it should.

Jerboa Mastering - Lavry converter

A selection of the masters mastering gear


Macchine per caffè

  • DALLA CORTE Super Mini
  • MAZZER Mini (grinder)
  • MORTIER coffee



  • KII Audio Three BXT Reference System


ADDA conversion

  • LAVRY AD122-96MX
  • MERGING premium DA8P & AD8DP (DSD audio)
  • MOLA MOLA Tambaqui

Equalizers and compressors

  • AMTEC 099 compressors (Fairchild 660)
  • ANAMOD ATS-1 Analog Tape Simulator
  • BUZZ AUDIO REQ-2.2 ME Mastering Equalizer (modified)
  • DANGEROUS Bax equalizer
  • KNIF Eksa+ equalizer
  • LIVIO ARGENTINI LA-117 Mastering Equalizer
  • MASELEC MLA-3 compressor
  • MASELEC MPL-2 limiter
  • RUPERT NEVE DESIGNS 5254 compressor
  • RUPERT NEVE DESIGNS Portico II Master Buss Processor
  • TUBE TECH HLT2AM Mastering Version equalizer
  • WHITESTONE AUDIO P331 Tube Loading Amplifier
Jerboa Mastering - AMTEC 099 1