The Studio

All the gear used at Jerboa Mastering is carefully selected. Some of these devices are useless on their own, but priceless in combination with other ones. All the (vintage) transformers react to the load of the next and previous gear in line, they all have their sweet spot and their do’s and don’ts. All gear is used in certain combinations, a certain manner and a certain order: this works wonders, and makes Frederik Dejongh reach the goals he envisions.

Jerboa Mastering - Buzz REQ2.2ME 3

A selection of my gear


Macchine per caffè

  • DALLA CORTE Super Mini
  • MAZZER Mini (grinder)
  • MORTIER coffee



  • KII Audio Three BXT Reference System


ADDA conversion

  • LAVRY AD122-96MX
  • MERGING premium DA8P & AD8DP (DSD audio)

Equalizers and compressors

  • AMTEC 099 compressors (Fairchild 660)
  • ANAMOD ATS-1 Analog Tape Simulator
  • ARREL AUDIO ML-116 Monster Line Mastering Equalizer
  • BUZZ AUDIO REQ-2.2 ME Mastering Equalizer
  • DANGEROUS Bax Equalizer
  • KNIF Eksa+ Equalizer
  • LIVIO ARGENTINI LA-117 – Mastering Equalizer
  • MANLEY Stereo Variable Mu® compressor (modified)
  • MASELEC MLA-3 compressor
  • MASELEC MPL-2 limiter
  • RUPERT NEVE DESIGNS Portico II Master Buss Processor
  • SHADOW HILLS Mastering Compressor (modified)
  • TUBE TECH HLT2AM Mastering Version Equalizer
Jerboa Mastering - AMTEC 099 1